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California Case Summaries™ 
Published by Monty A. McIntyre, Esq. 

California Courts published 472 new civil cases in 2022. Many were important new decisions significantly changing the existing law. Civil attorneys need to keep up with the new civil cases, but this has historically been difficult because new cases are often 50-100 pages long, and California courts publish not only civil cases but also criminal, juvenile, and family law cases.

Now there's a quick and easy way for California civil attorneys to always know the new case law in their practice areas: California Case Summaries™.  I provide one paragraph summaries, that can be read in 2 minutes and are organized by legal topic, of every new California civil case published during the year. My civil case summaries save attorneys tons of time.

Knowing the new case law will also make a big difference in your law practice. Attorneys who read my summaries have quickly settled a huge case after a new case changing the law was published, have gotten ideas from new cases that led to successful summary judgment motions ending cases, look smart to judges and other attorneys because they always know the new case law. They have a competitive advantage over their opposing counsel. 

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Save Tons of Time.

Save tons of billable time that you would lose each year by reading every new 50-100 page civil decision. In 2022 that was over 47,000 pages!

Look Smart and Win More. 

Always know the new case law. Strategically work up your cases. Draft better pleadings. Make better arguments. Win more motions. Win more trials. 

Make More Money.

 Knowledge is power. Use your competitive advantage to get bigger settlements, win more trials, and make more money in your law practice. 

California Case Summariesā„¢

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Top features

  • Summaries of every new civil case published this year
  • One paragraph summaries that can be read quickly
  • Cases organized by legal topic
  • Westlaw citations every month, official case citations every quarter
  • Unique publication
  • Saves tons of time
  • Gives you a competitive advantage over opposing counsel
  • Get bigger settlements
  • Win more trials
  • Make more money
  • Costs less than 1 billable hour per month
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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