Monty McIntyre's California Case Summaries™

Know the New Case Law To Win Your Cases.

You need to know the new civil cases! Why? Because California courts publish over 500 new civil cases each year and many of them significantly change the law.

Knowing the new law will help you: 
in trials or summary judgments
-get bigger settlements
-make better arguments, and
-work up your cases better

The bad news - it's difficult to know the new law because new cases are often 50-100 pages long, and California courts publish not only civil cases but also criminal, juvenile, and family law cases.

The good news - there's now a fast and easy way for California civil attorneys to always know the new case law in their practice areas, my publication California Case Summaries™.  I provide one-paragraph summaries, that can be read in 2 minutes and are organized by legal topic, of every new California civil case published during the year.

My case summaries will save you tons of time and tell you what you need to know. You also get invaluable insights from a CA civil trial lawyer since 1980 and a member of ABOTA since 1995.  

Today's the day to start getting better results, draft better pleadings, conduct better discovery, make better arguments, get bigger settlements, and win more summary judgments and trials to make more money.

Publisher: Monty A. McIntyre, Esq.
CA Civil Trial Attorney since 1980,
ABOTA member since 1995, over 100 civil trials
Mediator, Arbitrator & Referee, over 1,000 mediations
Past president: San Diego County Bar Assn.,
San Diego ABOTA Chapter
Two Outstanding Trial Lawyer Awards
Listed in Best Lawyers in America Since 2012
Listed in Super Lawyers Since 2007

Phone: (619) 990-4312
Email: [email protected]

Know the New Case Law to Win Your Cases.

How Monty's California Case Summaries™ will help you.


Know the New Cases to Win Your Cases.

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California Case Summaries™

Get my one-paragraph summaries, organized by legal topic, of every new civil case published in California. 

Get Free Summaries of Every New Civil Case Published by the California Supreme Court in 2022!

Case Consultation

Publisher Monty A. McIntyre, Esq. is available to consult with California attorneys to help them prepare for trial or work up their cases using the new California civil case law. Call or text Monty at (619) 990-4312, or email him at [email protected]

"Your summaries are great because they get to the point. You know your audience. I don’t want to read a whole bunch of shit. Just get me to the point. "

Rob Gibson, Esq.
Partner at Gibson & Hughes, Member of the Executive Board of the Orange County ABOTA Chapter

"For California civil practitioners having trouble keeping up on the latest cases, California Case Summaries™ is must reading. Monty has a great command of the law and is able to summarize these cases succinctly and clearly. Monty is San Diego's Bernie Witkin. "

Jeff Joseph, Esq.
Mediator at Judicate West. Former Associate Dean and General Counsel at Thomas Jefferson School of Law. Former Trial and Supervising Counsel at CalTrans.

"I really appreciate the case summaries. Saves me time and makes me look smart. A double bonus. "

Dominique A. Pollara, Esq.
Founder of Pollara Law Group, Sacramento California. 2014 President of Sacramento ABOTA

"California Case Summaries™ is an indispensable tool for lawyers in every specialty and practice area. Monty's case summaries are concise explanations that puts each opinion in context."

Steven C. Pasarow, Esq.,
Partner at Knapp, Petersen & Clarke, Glendale, CA. 2015 President of Los Angeles ABOTA.


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