California Case Summaries Annual - Torts™

California Case Summaries Annual - Torts™ is the fast affordable way that California tort lawyers keep current with the new published civil tort cases published each year.

California Tort lawyers will easily master the new case law in their practice areas with this annual publication providing short summaries (one paragraph), organized by legal topic, of every new case published in the prior year in the areas of Civil Code, Civil Procedure, Elder Abuse, Evidence, Legal Malpractice, Medical Malpractice, Punitive Damages, Settlement and Torts.

Generally, the new annual edition is first published by January 15th. However, not all of the official case citations will be available by then. In February, the final edition is published with all of the official case citations. 

The single user issue is perfect for the solo practitioner.

Multi-user issues are also available so law firms can provide every lawyer in their firm a copy of these excellent case summaries each year. 


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