Say "No" to Clients That Aren't Your Ideal Clients

clients Mar 14, 2023

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Say "No" to Clients That Aren't Your Ideal Clients

When a case ends by settlement or trial, most civil trial lawyers enjoy their more relaxed schedule - for a while. It's easy to quickly begin worrying about getting your next case. During this period, it's important to have a clear intention about who your ideal client is, what your ideal case is, and what your ideal caseload is. You have a limited amount of time to handle your active cases. Now that you have some space, keep the opening available until the ideal client and case come along. If you take a marginal client or case, you won't have the space later on when the ideal client and case appear. Be strong. Say no to clients that aren't your ideal clients.  

I do three things, all California law related:

I'm a mediator, arbitrator and referee at ADR Services, Inc. I handle business, employment, insurance (bad faith, coverage, UIM), probate, real property and torts (elder abuse,...

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