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California Case Summaries™
Know the New Cases to Win Your Cases 

Every year California courts publish over 500 new civil cases, and many of them significantly change California law. California civil attorneys need to know about these new cases!

The bad news - it's hard to keep up because of the number of new cases, the fact that many cases are 50-100 pages long, and because California courts also publish many new cases in the areas of criminal law, juvenile law and family now.

The good news - there's now a quick, easy way to always know the new civil cases in your practice areas: California Case Summaries™. I prepare one-paragraph summaries, that can be read in 2 minutes and are organized by legal topic, so California lawyers always know the new case law to work up their active cases better, get bigger settlements, and win more summary judgments and trials to make more money. For less than 1 billable hour per month, you will always know the new civil cases and...

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