Plan Your Week

time management Mar 28, 2023

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Plan Your Week

Regularly planning and calendaring your work will help you timely and efficiently get your work done. It's true that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Friday afternoon is a great day to plan your next week. Take time and think about your various projects and deadlines for the next week, and the projects and deadlines the people working with you need to complete next week. You should have a planner for every project, and Friday is the right time to update your project planners. 

During the week schedule 1-hour blocks of time to do un-interrupted work. Work for 50 to 55 minutes each hour. In the last 5-10 minutes of the hour, get up, stretch, and move your body. 

Take an hour for lunch each day. Go for a walk. Get outside.

Also plan your personal time for the next week. Time with your spouse or partner, your family, your friends. Activities like meditation, exercise, socializing, etc. 

Once you work out your plan for the next week, schedule the work in your calendar. Your calendar shows what is important to you. If something is not scheduled, it's not important. It won't be done.

Plan your week. Start this Friday.  

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